York Plumbing’s founder and owner Bobby York became a certified licensed journeyman plumber in 1980. After over 25 years of experience he then decided to open his own plumbing company to ensure he is able to provide the highest quality service in the plumbing industry. Since 2004 York Plumbing has been servicing the needs of schools, churches, and commercial properties in the greater Tulsa area. York Plumbing would now like to take the knowledge and experienced gained through commercial plumbing and apply it to your house. All of York Plumbing’s staff are certified state licensed journeyman plumbers with extensive classroom training. Please give us a chance to show you why some of the biggest corporations in Tulsa have trusted us with their business for over 30 years.
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York Plumbing, Tulsa - Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is a great solution for your clogged pipe problems. This popular method is being used residentially, commercially, and industrially to effectively unclog large pipes like sewers and any other types of pipes that are in need of unclogging. This is a very popular alternative to replace constantly clogging pipes and sewer lines full of roots. Replacing sewer lines is a very expensive and time consuming process. By having your drains jetted on a bi annual maintenance schedule you can delay the need for sewer line replacement for many years.

How It Works
Through drain jetting, you get to revive clogged pipes and make them function like they were newly installed. Through the use of high pressure, a specialized nozzle, and either cold or hot water, clogged pipes can be easily cleaned without worrying about getting them damaged at the same time. The pressure of the water used by the machines range from 2500 – 4000 psi which is strong enough to unclog any type of pipe without damaging it or making it more susceptible to damage. Compared to other solutions available to unclog pipes, drain jetting is one of most popular and cost effective solutions you can try.
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